We deliver a range of baking masterclasses for our friends at Chitty's cakes including:


In this brand new three hour class we will teach you how to bake perfectly formed but miniature versions of sponge cakes in a variety of different flavours. You will be shown all the best equipment to use for this and Melanie will share her top tips and tricks for delicious and beautiful cakes and, importantly, how to make them all consistent in size. After baking the sponges you will learn different techniques to decorate them in simple but effective ways.

You will leave the session with three different kinds of individual sponges, each decorated in very different ways so you will learn new skills (such as dipping, piping and covering in fondant) to present mini cakes in a showstopping way in the future. The different individual cakes you will learn to make during the workshop will be:

• Lamingtons • Individual cakes with buttercream • Fondant covered cakes with edible decorations.

You will be provided with recipes and tips to take home with you, along with your individual sponges. This is a great way to develop basic baking skills to add individual cakes to your repertoire - perfect for serving as part of afternoon tea, family buffets and summer picnics. This class would be suitable for complete beginners to baking as well as those who bake regularly but would like to perfect their skills and add some variety to how their cakes can be presented.


This three hour workshopwill teach you how to bake the perfect shortbread using Melanie's own traditional recipe. The shortbread shapes you make will be themed (we are currently running classes with a 'summer' theme) and, once baked, you will learn a variety of skills to decorate them beautifully using fondant, royal icing, pearls and other extras.

Melanie will also teach you how to bake and decorate shortbread with a beautiful vintage 'chalkboard' design which can be adapted for all sorts of occasions, especially as wedding favours.

You will take home all the shortbread you bake and decorate during the session (around 6-8), as well as tasting some along the way with tea & coffee while Melanie shares her shortbread secrets with you! This sort of shortbread is so easily adaptable to a variety of themes, that after this 3 hour session you will be able to bake and decorate shortbread for any occasion.



During this 3 hour class, you will learn how to make your perfect sponge cake. From classic Victoria sponge to Ferrero rocher, lemon and elderflower to raspberry ripple - the world of sponge cakes is at your fingertips! Melanie of Devenishgirl will share with you all of her top tips on baking the lightest sponge possible, and the creamiest buttercream, and lead a discussion on flavour combinations to help you decide on your own sponge cake flavour. There will be a wide variety of flavour options to choose from for your sponge, including:

  • vanilla bean
  • chocolate
  • coffee
  • lemon

While your sponge is baking, you will discuss flavour combinations and cake fillings, then learn how to make buttercream - as with the cake, the flavour will be entirely your own choice and Melanie will guide you on the best combinations of sponge, jam and buttercream.

You will sandwich your cakes with your choice of jam or curd and your own buttercream then choose from a variety of options to decorate your cake in a modern or traditional style. Options for this include learning simple piping techniques, creating a naked cake by covering with buttercream and learning to use the correct utensils to create the finish you want for your own cake.

The best part is of course that you get to take hope your sponge cake create to enjoy along with a foolproof recipe, top tips and a comprehensive list of flavour options and combinations (and ideas for decorating them with simple sophistocation) so you can create your own sponge cakes in any flavour you could dream of in the future.


We also run gin cocktail individual cakes class to coincide with World gin day in June and offer bespoke classes for hen parties, team building days and birthdays.


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